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Pot grown Christmas trees

Pot grown Christmas trees

Christmas Trees Nursery Anthonissen supplies since some years pot grown Christmas trees.
These are trees that are very suitable for replanting in gardens or parks.
These trees are grown for special garden centers, landscapers,
municipalities, supermarket chains and for the individual.
We grow such Nordmann, Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and Abies Abies Koreana Fraseri in

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Christmas tree

Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen. Wholesale of Christmas trees

We sell the following species:

Abies Fraseri (Fraserispar)

Abies Koreana (Korean Spruce)

Nordmann (Abies Nordmanniana)

Picea Abies

Picea Omorika (Serbian Spruce)

Picea Punguns Glauca (Blue spruce)




Christmas tree Nursery Anthonissen.
We sell to:

Garden centers




Resellers and Individuals


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